D'UVA Products

 Our brand-new line of heat-fixable pastels and charcoal

(non-toxic, safe for your kitchen oven)

ChromaCoal, The Heat Fixable Pastel, is a new artist's drawing material which is the same material as LithoCoal, but with different pigments. Offered in ten rich and vibrant colors in both stick and powder form.

ChromaCoal colors include: Sunset Orange, Cerulean Blue, Crimson, Yadira Violet, Lemon Yellow, Cardinal Red, Umber
Brown, Forest Green, Ultramarine Blue and Carbon Black. Additional colors will be released in the near future.


 LithoCoal is a new charcoal drawing material which eliminates the need for spray fixative! Simply make your drawing as you would with traditional charcoal, but when you are ready to preserve your drawing, rather than using costly and toxic spray-fixative, simply pre-heat your oven to 225 F (115 C), place your drawing in for thirty seconds, remove and your drawing is completely permanent. Your drawing will be light-fast, archival and durable.

LithoCoal comes in a stick form and draws like a medium to soft vine charcoal, and also comes in powder form to be applied dry with a paintbrush or mixed with D'UVA Solvents.

Once fixed, LithoCoal is also an acid resist, allowing for broad use in printmaking applications


 D'UVA Erasable Sumi Ink, The Heat Fixable Sumi Ink, is applied and behaves exactly like traditional Sumi Ink. However, because it does not stain the paper, it is 100% erasable with a kneaded eraser once dry. As with other D'UVA heat fixable products, finished drawings are made permanent by heating. The product may be layered over previously fixed areas without affecting them,
and fixed to any surface.

D'UVA Erasable Sumi Ink is packaged in a 2oz bottle with a wide mouth and may be brushed directly from the jar.


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